Dr. Harpreet Singh Rakhra

General Dentist


DDS | 16 Years Experience

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Mon & Tues8am - 5pm
Tues & Thur8am - 7pm
Fri8am - 4pm
Sat9am - 4pm

Dr. Harpreet Singh Rakhra

Dr. Harp graduated from the University of Western Ontario’s dentistry program in 2002.

In Dr. Harps daughters words…”My dad is an equally brilliant dentist. He wakes up early like my mom, goes to work at 8:00 in the morning, comes back at 4:00 P.M. and still manages to play a million games with me. In summer after he comes home from work we always go outside to play a game of cricket or baseball with me and my three siblings (which I always win.) In the winter, we always play a round of kid-friendly darts and no-stakes Texas hold-em (which I never win.) He’s an awesome dentist and even better dad. Together, my parents have inspired me and my siblings to become dentists. One might say the dream has become “implanted” in our brains.”

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